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Fun Farm Facts

The impact that the dairy business in Wisconsin has on our state's economy is more than twice that of the citrus industry's impact on Florida's economy, and nearly nine times the economic impact as Idaho's potato industry? www.dairyimpact.com

Dairy farms contribute an estimated $20.6 billion Wisconsin's economy. No other single product produced in this state creates a greater economic impact than milk. www.dairyimpact.com

In 1993, Wisconsin produced 83 million pounds of specialty cheese. By 2005, that number had more than quadrupled to 355 million pounds, a 328% increase. www.dairyimpact.com

Cows produce over 2.0 billion pounds of milk each month in Wisconsin. That’s 1,605 pounds or 187 gallons of milk per cow each month. - Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics Service, December 2007

On average, each cow produces approximately 51.8 pounds, or 6 gallons, of milk each day. Wisconsin Agricultural Statistics Service, 2007

The average dairy cow weighs about 1,400 pounds, which is approximately the same size as Alaska’s record-breaking polar bear.  www.wmmb.com

More than 99% of Wisconsin’s dairy farms are family-owned.   www.wmmb.com

Each Wisconsin cow produces, on average, more than 33,000 glasses of milk per year.  www.wmmb.com

Wisconsin produces more than 600 different varieties, types and styles of cheese. www.wmmb.com

There are six traditional breeds of dairy cows: Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Holstein, Jersey and Milking Shorthorn. www.wmmb.com

Did you know that each cow contributes $17,000 to the local community? - Cozy Nook Farm

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